Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#068-Ralph Eggleston

Animator, Art Director, Storyboard Artist and Production Designer Ralph Eggleston. Awesome!

#067- Pete Docter

A man who needs no introduction. Thanks a Mill Pete!

#066- Ted Mathot

Story teller extraordinaire Ted Mathot!!

#065- Domee Shi

Pixar artist and fellow Sheridan Grad Domee Shi. Thanks Domee!

#064- John Hoffman

Fellow Canadian and Story Artist John Hoffman. Thanks to Matt Jones for helping me get this sketch and thanks to John for doing it!

#063- James Baker

I had the pleasure of going to draw with James and Matt Jones at the Japanese Tea Gardens while I was in San Francisco. It was a blast! Thanks James!

#062- Pen Ward

Pen Ward is one of the key creators of the show Adventure Time. From a distance he looks really angry and mean, but in fact he is one of the nicest people I've ever met. While waiting in line I was trying to decide what character to ask for, but instead I ended up just telling him to draw "whatever was in his heart" to which he replied " I have a lot of shit in my heart" ...then he drew this. Thanks Pen!