Friday, January 6, 2012

#061- Sergio Pablos

Best known for creating the idea for Dispicable Me, Veteran Animator and Studio Owner Sergio Pablos. Thanks Sergio!

#060- Matt Cruickshank

A fantastic page from Designer and Illustrator Matt Cruickshank.

#059- Jason Deamer

Wonderful Pixar character designer Jason Deamer.

#058- Matt Groening

I ran into Matt at this year's CTN Expo while he was walking around the floor. I don't usually geek out too much over meeting people but it was pretty unreal to meet a guy who had such a huge impact on our culture! Since he is so famous I was worried that he would be grumpy but just the opposite! He was a super friendly and down to earth guy. Thanks so much Matt!

#058- Marcos Mateu-Mestre

Story Artist, Comic Book Artist and Author of Framed Ink, Marcos Mateu-Mestre.

#056- Carlos Grangel

The extremely talented Studio owner and Character Designer Carlos Grangel.

#054- Boris Heistand

Character Animator Boris Hiestand.

#053- Stephane Kardos

Fantastic Disney Art Director Stephane Kardos.

#052- Oscar Grillo

Animation legend and illustrator Oscar Grillo. Thanks Oscar!

#051- Deanna Marsigliese

The very talented Character designer Deanna Marsigliese!

#050 - Jeffrey Thompson

A flattering caricature done by my buddy and character designer Jeffrey Thompson and a parachuting cup cake by his wife and talented designer Odette Mattha . Thanks guys!

#049- Kevin Dart

Illustrator Kevin Dart

#048- Dave Pimentel

Story artist and Life drawing teacher extrodinaire Dave Pimentel.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

#47- Nicolas Marlet

The ever elusive Nicolas Marlet was kind enough to do this sketch for me at CTN 2010 after I recognized him and introduced myself. His blank expression is really intimidating but after he speaks you realize he is insanely nice. While he was drawing this for me a huge chunk of Sketch Travel was right about to do a group photo (which I didn't even realize at the time) and Peter De Seve saw Nico drawing this for me and said he was jealous. Thanks Nico!

#046- Carter Goodrich

Unbelievably talented illustrator Carter Goodrich is a little self conscience and after a kid at his talk tried to call him out to do a sketch in front of the entire audience he was a little put off and wasn't comfortable doing sketches for anyone. I asked him to sign the page instead and he kindly agreed. If I ever meet him again I will ask if he is willing to do a quick sketch on the same page. Thanks anyways Carter!

#045- Louie Del Carmen

This beauty is drawn by Story and Comic Book Artist Louie Del Carmen. Thanks Louie!

#044- Dave Derrick

Dave Derrick is an incredible story artist at Dreamworks and an author of Childens books.

#043- Kris Pearn

It is a scientific fact that Kris Pearn is the nicest guy ever to exist. Don't ask him for a kidney unless you really need one because he'll do it! (Pure speculation) He was the head of story on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and is now directing the sequel. Can't Wait! Thanks Kris!

#042- Braden Poirer

My buddy and classmate Braden Poirer did this sweet Wolverine sketch for me at his booth during Toronto Comic Con. Thanks Mr. Poirer!

#041 - Darwyn Cooke

Thanks to comic book artist Darwyn Cooke for doing this quick convention sketch at the Toronto Comic Con!

#40 - Brittney Lee

Here's a quick sketch by Visual Development artist Brittney Lee.

#039- Mark Walton

Currently a story artist at Dreamworks, Mark Walton is best known for being the voice of Rhino the hamster in Bolt. He sounds exactly like Rhino and looks exactly like that little sketch of himself in the top right. Thanks Mark!

#038- Claude Raynes

Sharing a name with the invisible man isn't easy. The only evidence that Claude Raynes exists is his credit for working on the last Roadrunner Chuck Jones cartoon titled "Chariots of Fur."

#037- Tony Bancroft

Super talented Director/Animator Tony Bancroft.

#036 - T Dan Hofsted

#035 - Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera

The owners of Imaginism Studios and Dynamic duo Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera were nice enough to do these sketches for me at CTN. I took Bobby's amazing digital painting class back when it was after hours at Sheridan before his online classes started and It was one of the best things I ever did! Thanks Bobby and Kei!

#034- Marcelo Vignali

Character Designer and Commercial Artist Marcelo Vignali!

#033- Gabriele Pennacchioli

Animator, Story Artist, Designer, Gabriele Pennacchioli is amazing at everything!

#32- Greg Couch

#031- Harald Siepermann

A charming sketch by super talented character designer Harald Siepermann.

#030- Matt Jones

A caricature of myself drawn by my friend, pixar story artist and Ronald Searle enthuthiast Matt Jones. This was one of the first times I met Matt at CTN 2009 after his wonderful talk on Searle's work. Thanks Matt!

#029 - Andreas Deja

#028- Ken Turner

#027- Lou Romano

I acquired this charming doodle at CTN 2010 from art director Lou Romano.

#026- Glen Vilppu

This sketch was done in ink and wash by master life drawing instructor Glen Vilppu at CTN Expo 2010.

#025- Bill Presing

This sketch by Pixar artist Bill Presing marks the start of CTN Expo 2010. What a great way to start it off!

#024- Pete Emslie

Pete Emslie is best known for his wonderfully appealing caricatures. I was lucky enough to have him for character design in school. Thanks Pete!

#023- Scott Caple

I was lucky enough to have Scott Caple for one semester of Layout class. Scott is a big fan of anything to do with the medieval times. Can you blame him? Thanks Scott!

#022- Kaj Pindal

Legendary animator Kaj Pindal kindly did this sketch for me. Thanks Kaj!

#021- Nancy Bieman

After Ottawa, I returned to Sheridan and got sketches from a bunch of my Sheridan teachers. This is a sketch from Nancy Bieman. Nancy has been known to draw cats on occasion. Thanks Nancy!

#20- Ronnie Del Carmen


#019 - Joseph Gilland

A sketch of Fire by effects animator and author of the book Elemental Magic, Joseph Gilland.

#018 - Pete Sohn

A sketch by Pixar story artist and the director of the short Partly Cloudy, Pete Sohn. This sketch was acquired after my Burbank trip at the Ottawa Animational Festival. After waiting in a pretty long line and trying to calm my nerves I ended up being super awkward and overly enthuthiastic talking to Pete. I'm pretty sure I creeped him out with my over excitedness but he was nice to me

anyways. Thanks Pete!

#017- Joe Haidar

Finally, I asked Joe to do a quick sketch for me. He refused to do one on the spot and wanted me to leave the book with him so he could do something more polished. I did not complain. As you can see, it turned out amazing! Thanks Joe!

#016- Kirk Wise

A self caricature of Hunchback Director Kirk Wise.

#016- Ed Ghertner

Joe offered to get me sketches from his Hunchback buddies Ed Ghertner and Kirk Wise since he was having lunch with them one day. Ed was the Head of layout on Hunchback and more recently the author of "Layout and Composition for Animation."

#014- James Baxter

Don't be fooled by the hard to read signature, this drawing of Spirit is by none other than master animator James Baxter! Post comic con while back in Burbank, I was given a fantastic tour of Dreamworks by supervising animator and Joe's neighbour Marek Kochout. Of course I brought my sketchbook just incase. At the very end of the tour as we were walking out of the building, all hope seemed lost. Just then, we turned a corner and James Baxter was walking towards us! I froze up and could not muster up the courage to stop him but he waved hello to me and Marek (mostly Marek.) I figured it wasn't meant to be and that it was too awkward to stop him because he is probably very busy and I did not want to offfend him. However, as we continued to leave Marek asked me "so you know the animator James Baxter?" and I quickly replied "Yeah...I know we just passed him." I took this as a second chance and asked Marek if he would be willing to take my sketchbook and ask James later if he would be willing to do a small sketch for me. I told him that if he says no that it is completely okay but if he could just ask that it would mean a lot to me. Of course, James did do this great sketch and I can't thank him or Marek enough!

#013 - Jim Baker

Not to be confused with Pixar artist James Baker, this Jim Baker was a traditional animator at Disney and Co-directed the Animated American with Joe. Jim drove me down to Comic Con that year so this drawing of the animated american characters commemorates our journey. Thanks Jim!

#012- Chris Sanders

One of the gems of my book, this was a very tough sketch to get! Chris was also at comic con but had a no sketch policy. I thanked him anyways and accepted defeat but later on in the day Joe's girlfriend Sally agreed to try and get a sketch for me. To my delight she was able to convince him. Thanks Sally and Chris!

#011- Bobby Rubio

A sketch by Pixar story artist and comic creator Bobby Rubio.