Thursday, January 5, 2012

#014- James Baxter

Don't be fooled by the hard to read signature, this drawing of Spirit is by none other than master animator James Baxter! Post comic con while back in Burbank, I was given a fantastic tour of Dreamworks by supervising animator and Joe's neighbour Marek Kochout. Of course I brought my sketchbook just incase. At the very end of the tour as we were walking out of the building, all hope seemed lost. Just then, we turned a corner and James Baxter was walking towards us! I froze up and could not muster up the courage to stop him but he waved hello to me and Marek (mostly Marek.) I figured it wasn't meant to be and that it was too awkward to stop him because he is probably very busy and I did not want to offfend him. However, as we continued to leave Marek asked me "so you know the animator James Baxter?" and I quickly replied "Yeah...I know we just passed him." I took this as a second chance and asked Marek if he would be willing to take my sketchbook and ask James later if he would be willing to do a small sketch for me. I told him that if he says no that it is completely okay but if he could just ask that it would mean a lot to me. Of course, James did do this great sketch and I can't thank him or Marek enough!

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